USBP BORTAC GP-1 series 250 pack + S&H included May 2024

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Tier 1 Targets' GP-1 Series are double-sided color targets that provide the user with multiple options for target ID shoot/no-shoot training on the front, along with a range-specific profile on the back designed for proficiency drills.

Tier 1 Targets' easily-changed and varied profiles provide the user with several options to effectively and efficiently use our most precious training commodity - time. With Tier 1 Targets' multiple options, thoughtful configuration, and seamless integration, less time is wasted compared to the cumbersome process of finding, arranging, and configuring those outdated, one-dimensional targets of old. More time = more training.

Tier 1 Targets paired with a D-Co training course enforce strong target identification practices for your shooters and potentially reduces liability within your organization. Contact us to discuss training with D-Co today -

Product Details

Full Target Sheet: 22" x 38"
Live Target Area: 22' x 28"

Includes sets of 5 full-color profile target variations with four shoot/no-shoot scenarios and a standardized range profile (black and white) on the back with multiple options for proficiency drills, accuracy enforcement, and zeroing.

We developed our targets with micro-perforated tear off options tabs for optimal training organization and efficiency.